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HI, my name is Ron Eisenberg (Ez for short)

I was born at 1989 and grew up in a small town in Israel.

I am a Industrial design student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. creating products is a passion and a calling for me, looking at the possibilities hidden in every product and finding a way to bring them into the light in an elegant and clever way is something I aspire to do for the rest of my life.

Nothing brings me more joy then building first prototype or a mok-up of the first steps of my design. I love getting my hands dirty and mostly I would make my own models by hand jest because I can.

Working with new technologies always excited me and drawn my attention, I believe that a good designer is an eternal student, always growing, always learning, always looking at what we have and expecting what we don't. 

I had the pleasure of having an internship at Stanley and Dewalt as a Product designer, learned a lot from their great team of designers.

Worked as a Product manager and designer at Source tactical gear for two years. Source specializes in textile equipment combining plastic engineering for police and military forces.

Currently employed as a privet contractor at Koren V.S. and Yama tech as a designer.

"Be a simple kind of man, Be something that you love and understand"

Lynyrd skynyrd

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